Toad in the hole.

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sam from worthing

Toad in the hole.

I regularly make toad in the hole.

I have never actually frozen this recipe before.

But I am in the process of making several "ready meals", in foil containers.

delia's advice on freezing a toad, is to allow the toad to cool down in foil, and freeze and to simply cook in the oven until sausages are hot through.

has anyone actually done this?

I would assume you should cover the containers otherwise the batter would be very very hard?

or could you pre cook your sausages, allow to cool down. make a batter, pour batter into a container, plop the sausages in, then freeze - and maybe cook from frozen, the "raw"
batter with cooked sausages? would that work? and have a risen batter?

or is it a recipe that doesn't really lend itself to being frozen, despite Delia saying its good to go?



pre cooked toads

Hi Sam, my mother always used to make Toad in the Hole with Pre cooked sausages. It was one of the 'leftovers' meals she used to make; along with shepherds/cottage pie, and bubble and squeak. It works fine, as long as the sausages aren't overcooked, (which I'm sure yours won't be)

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