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Top Cat


I've recently made a couple of different batches of cupcakes, one recipe using the "all in one" method and the other the creaming method. Both batches have turned out disappointly heavy and stodgy, more like proper cakes, although still quite tasty. I envisage lovely, light airy cupcakes - what am I doing wrong? All the recipes I see seem pretty similar. Any cupcake queens out there, please help!

sam from worthing


see, now this is where i go off on a tangent...cup cakes/muffins/fairy cakes.

Other than muffins.... I do not know the difference.

I make fairy cakes.

I make them plain.

plain with icing.

plain with flavouring, vanilla, almond, mint (don;t try this they are ruined).

i make with sultanas, rum soaked/fruit soaked.

with choc drops.

plain with icing.

with dessicated coconut in.

with cooked and grated beetroot in.

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