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does anyone no where i can get individual pie dishes from please ?

about 3 to 5 inch ones ???


Pie dishes

I have seen oval ones in Lakeland. I was also looking for round ones.

sam from worthing

small pie dishes.

you can get small enamel pie dishes, from the type of shop that is similar to a pound shop, but more expensive - the sort that sell dustbins, and feather dusters at cheap prices.

most of the larger stores of your supermarkets sell tin pie dishes at a couple of pounds each.

I have started using tin foil containers for ready meals and pies, that i make for my nan, as frozen ready meals - mostly the tins can be washed carefully and re-used (so far 4 times), and they come with a lid...yes i have made pastry tops for pies in these.

personally i do like the enamel type - they look very kitsch and classic, ie 1940's in style, but do go in the fridge and freezer straight to oven or defrosted. they may go in the dishwasher - but as i don;t have one, not a vital list of do's and don'ts i look for.

there is also ebay and amazon - where you can get some good bargains on multiple amounts.

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