buffet for 100

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christina hurford

buffet for 100

I am doing a summer buffet for 100
and am struggling with how much food I need to do

I am thinking simple ie quiches, salmon, cold meats and then lots of salads. I have the desserts sorted.

But how on earth do I work out quantities ie how many quiches how much meat/salmon and how many salads?

Can anyone advise


Buffet food

I have an old cook book that gives some catering quantities but only up to 60 people. I can post those quantities if it's of any help to you?




Buffet for 100

Mary Berry has a book your library should be able to get for you. Cooking up a Feast, I think.

sam from worthing

buffet for 100.


well your average quiche recipe at a broad 20-23 cm tin will serve 6 portions, maybe 8.

meat slices, ie turkey, ham, beef allow approx 150 grams per person.

bread/rolls allow 2 rolls per person.

pizza, you can make in a square shallow rasoting tin, makes cutting and dividing easier a normal swiss tin size you will get 30 good sized squares.

salad is more by eye, a good handful per person - but salad always gets left, so go under rather 100 portions.

delias sausage roll recipe makes 24...these freeze beautifully, so you can make a shed load way ahead of time. delias cheesey sausage rolls make 36. both of these are sublime.

terrines - go down every so well, served cold, also known as meatloafs...the average 2lb tin will cut into at least 10-12 slices.

for coleslaw/pot salad, you will need a lot. i am talking at least 3 or 4 heads of white cabbage, a bag of onions (2.5kg) and same in carrots, a whole head of celery/celeriac. 2 big jars of mayo and a bottle of salad cream and or creme fraiche. at leats 2-3kg of new pots, 2 packs of bacon, 2 packs of chives, and a good bottle of olive oil mixed with whole grainmustard.

you should seek help with other members who will be attending the buffet to help with prep and costs.

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