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Scullery Sam


Hi folks... can anyone advise me how to make tasty and crunchy Corned Beef Fritters please... I need a recipe.... I have an old normal Gas Cooker... Mark 4 etc... your help would really be appreciated... thank you... Scullery Sam.

sam from worthing

Corned Beef

tinned corned beef is one of my guilty pleasures, but i rarely "cook" with it.

I have made delias corned beef hash - which is lovely.

and now that i mentioned your question out loud, my OH is not wanting CB fritters too.

if you put in a google search for 1940's wartime recipes - the same recipe comes up time and time again, and the current pictures of the made fritters do look like how you are describing the end result.

There is one blooger doing a 1940's ration diet for a year - she has some very interesting recipes.

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