Dinner for 20

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Dinner for 20

Hello - am hosting dinner at home for 20 on Saturday and am trying to plan the menu. Was thinking of a meat and a veggie moussaka plus salads (people help themselves buffet style) then bread on the table. Then thinking of individual meringues with cream and fruit for pudding. Need to be able to prepare most (all preferably) in advance. Suggestions for other ideas welcomed! J

sam from worthing

Dinner for 20.

When i read your title, I gulped !!!

but it is reading that you are kind of going down the buffet style meal route.

Which sounds perfect.

Jacket potatoes either whole or halved, if you have them you can scoop out the potatoe, and mash the inner with cream cheese and spring onions and pop back into the skins, and then finish baking to warm through and crisp up the top for 15 mins or so.

Mixed rice and vegetable is a nice accompiament.

I would do too much salad stuff, as you will be having to compost a lot of that.

potato wedges could be a good thing to make also.

I would maybe do a chicken dish too, either chicken drum sticks done in a couple of different sauces, or something like a big chicken and bean casserole, or a cacciatorie, made with breast and de boned thighs, rather than bone in chicken.

puddings, individual trifles - individual tiramasu. or a cheesecake or 2 in differing flavours sliced up, with some fromage frais/clotted cream/single cream on the side.

maybe a pear and grape cheese board too.

sam from worthing

Dinner for 20...

I might also re-think, doing both a lamb and veggie moussaka.

moussaka is not everyones cup of tea, a beef lasagna (or vegetable) maybe an alternative way,. then you can get one of those big garlic breads that look like a pizza, or warmed ciabatta garlic bread.


Dinner for 20

How about some good old 1960s and 70s faves? Chicken vol-au-vents, prawns and/or tinned asparagus and/or smoked salmon on buttered brown bread fingers? Another idea came to us from Pizza Express.

Smoked salmon filets - the sort you bake in the oven, for a short time don't let it get dried out tho', and serve slightly warm on leaves, with something like Pizza Express bottled classic sauce...or whatever you like. Tescos, Morrisons and Sainsbury's all do it no doubt the others do also.

Chicken drumsticks are very popular - not the breaded, I mean just roast on a trivet and served 'cold'.

Sherry trifle for one dessert option? Watermelon or other melon chunks and/or a FF salad. Another popular dessert is natural yog with cut strawberries and frozen raspberries, with a sugar bowl alongside.

I guess it'll be a finger buffet? You can buy inexpensive plastic cup/glass holders to fix to disposable or normal plates -- a real boon when you are mingling.

Plenty of serviettes. Freshening wipes much appreciated too, ideally the individually sealed ones rather then the baby wipes we usually use!

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