can i preprepare ricotta and spinach lasagne?

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Hannah Sell

can i preprepare ricotta and spinach lasagne?

I want to make it before work tomorrow morning and then cook it in the evening when I've family visiting. Anyone done this before?


S&R lasagne.

Ha ha! This is "my" signature dish now!

You will be totally fine with what you suggest.
I've cooked it on a Thursday day time in the past for use on a Sat evening and it sits just fine in the fridge.

It also freezes well. We have two vegetarians in our household and 4 meat eaters, so I often double it up and then portion up the left overs in oven proof dishes, cover with foil and freeze. This gives our two vegetarians something easy to do when home from Uni, simply pop it into the oven, from frozen, leaving the foil in place to stop the top burning. Works really well.

It's a very stable dish so don't worry in the slightest.


sam from worthing

spinach & ricotta lasagna

totally echo what James has said.

perfect made the day before.

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