Chocolate beer cake

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Chocolate beer cake

Two days ago I made the Chocolate Beer Cake from the recipe published in the April issue of Woman and Home.
I followed the recipe and instructions to the letter - but what a disaster!
The mixture bubbled up over both sponge tins, dripped through and hung onto every shelf in the oven - ending up on the floor of the oven where it burned on. The cake itself was very crumbly, and chocolate filling very difficult to spread over it - (there appeared to be too much fat) - however I continued with finishing the cake as I had visitors coming for the day, and although what remained of the cake tasted alright, I have to say it was by no means brilliant.
I have never had a disaster with cake baking before - and I have been cooking/baking for over 40 years - and certainly Delia's recipes have never failed in the past, in my experience.
Having cleaned the oven and getting down on my knees to scrape the burned mixture off the floor of the oven, I feel compelled to write to you about this - other people may try this recipe and publish their findings on facebook, or similar!
The only reason I can imagine for the failure of this recipe is that it may possibly have been reprinted wrongly, but certainly the combination of self raising flour, bicarb, baking powder and stout would cause a froth up.
Please respond to this email, I am keen to know what could have gone wrong!

Can anyone help

sam from worthing

chocolate beer cake

In the recipe i found, it mentions using 175g of PLAIN flour, not self raising.

so it could be, the recipe you have may have a typing error.

and am assuming you used the correct depth of tins too.


chocolate beer cake

Sam Hi,
Yes, I used the size tins stated in the recipe, and have checked the recipe again - it definitely states self raising flour - but even using plain flour combined with bicarb, baking powder and beer, I think it would still have caused a froth up. I would suggest deeper baking tins to anyone else trying this recipe for the first time, but I definitely won't do it again!. Thanks for your reply.

Noreen, Board Moderator

Chocolate Beer Cake

Netpets, you emailed us at Feedback, last week and I replied to you to let you know I had to make some enquiries from our cookery team to get an answer for you.

They have re-tested the recipe and can confirm it is correct. However, they think your tins were possibly too shallow (you very kindly sent us a photo), as the recipe in Woman & Home did not specify the exact size of tins, but referred readers to our site.

Maybe you could check the depth of them?

Hels Bells

Plain flour vs self-raising flour

Hi, the recipe in Woman & Home states self raising flour, but Delia's online version states PLAIN flour - so which one is correct? This is probably what the issue was - a typo in the recipe (different flours).


Flour dilemma!

Am planning to make this cake for son's 17th birthday today. In the book 'Delia's cakes' (pg 174) it states to use self-raising flour - but in the deliaonline recipe it says plain flour. Otherwise the recipes appear to be identical. So even Delia does not know!! I've looked at other chocolate and stout recipes and no other ones use three different raising agents so pending a reply on here I think I will plump for plain flour. A stout flavoured chocolate biscuit is preferable to the frothy mess described by the first contributor to this stream.

Lindsey, Food Editor

For Mrsjsw3


Sorry for any confusion.

The cake has been tested and published using both plain flour and self-raising flour.

The original Cakes Book used plain flour and works well. The updated version uses SR flour. It works well in the 20cm deliaonline sandwich tins or any other sandwich tins providing they are at least 4cm deep.

I hope this clarifies things and either way I hope your son has a wonderful birthday.

Best wishes


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