Pork pies, pork free - ideas?

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Pork pies, pork free - ideas?

I have an allergy against pork meat, but would like to have a pork pie substitute for a picnic or for work-lunch, that contains meat.

Every recipe I have found for a meat-pie, such as chicken, contains sausage-pork-meat. Is there a reason, why sausage-meat is used in a picnic-pie, is there a good alternative? Or can I just leave it out?

Any ideas?

Thank You!

sam from worthing

pork free - pork pies

as you have problems with pork, i would suggest substituting with any mince meat you like, for example beef or turkey even a combination of chicken breast and thigh minced up.

I would prefer to go the turkey/chicken route for a pork pie type flavour/texture as any herbs or eggs you add will come out more - adding beef mince would turn it more into a cornish pasty/pastry slice, if you know what i mean.

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