Frosting made with WHITE FLORA

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Alison O

Frosting made with WHITE FLORA

I have used white flora for over 20 years to make frosting for birthday cakes and cupcakes. It was light and delicious and so easy to pipe. It would keep for a week in the fridge and still be easy to pipe. It tasted great and wasn't too sweet or heavy.
It has been discontinued, apparently because demand was low but for several years it wasn't easy to find a good stock. Can anyone suggest an alternative? I have tried a few but they taste disguting.


White Frosting

I used Trex when I made a Hello Kitty cake a few years ago. However, the flavour wasn't brilliant. Lurpak is the palest butter I have found and you could try adding a whitening agent.

Sugarflair Superwhite Icing Whitener (from Amazon) should do the trick.

The link may not work, but you should be able to find it easily enough from the description above.

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