purple icing

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purple icing


I hope that someone may be able to help....

My step daughter is getting married in Aug and I am making the cake. She has chose 'Cadburys purple' as her colour & would like one tier of her cake iced in this colour.

I am struggling to find any icing in this colour and I was wondering if anyone has any idea of where I could find some?




Hi Karen Here, I have just looked up a couple of sites that might be of some help. 'Almond Art' does a colouring by Sugar Flair called Lilac Paste, which looks like the colour you are after. 'Make a Wish Cake Shop' does a brand called Squires kitchen in purple.
Both of thes coulours look similar to the shade you want.

John S.

purple icing

Experiment, mix a small amount of icing and use drops of red and blue colourings to get the desired shade of purple, note down how many drops of each that you use, it's just like mixing paint, remember your school art lessons!

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