fromage frais

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fromage frais

I'm making a carrot cake for St Patrick's day and I'll be using a delia topping.

The topping calls for 1 x 200g tub fromage frais, 8% fat. I've had a look around my local Sainsbury's, it's the only large supermarket I have locally but can't find it.

So what can I use as an alternative or is it called by some other name.


Lizzie Lancashire

Fromage frais

Hi Kevin, I feel your pain, I can never find the fromage frais and always end up asking someone! I think last time I looked in the cream section and the cheese section, and all the time it was lurking in the yoghurt section... anyway, if your Sainsbury's doesn't stock it, I should think you'd get away with mascarpone, but it wouldn't have as sharp a flavour as fromage frais. Maybe add a little lemon juice?

Good luck anyway.


Delia's new cake book version

Delia has a new version of the carrot cake icing in her new cakes book made without the fromage frais which uses 2 x 250g tubs of mascarpone, 1 heaped teaspoon ground cinnamon, 2 tablespoons milk or orange juice and 1 rounded tablespoon of golden caster sugar.

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