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I would love to hear what people do with their leftovers (aside from Shepherd's Pie) plus any economies.

I have just used the stalks from a cauliflower - cutting off the green leaves - to make a soup. It tastes just like cauliflower soup!!! and is virtually for free!

I also use frozen vegetables like Broccoli for soup. I don't think it freezes well for serving as a vegetable on its own, but when it is whizzed up as a soup it is perfect. A kilo of frozen costs £1.40, fresh it is about £1 per kilo more expensive.

What do you do?


green soup

I make with assorted stalks, left-over celery, lettuce, spinach, peas. Onions goes in and it comes out in assorted shades of green.



We eat so many things abroad that are or could be made from leftovers - just a "smarter" name.

Soup as in Green Soup
Croquettes - chicken/fish/cheese/ham
Various pasta dishes

sam from worthing


i also make more than enough roast potatoes for a bubble and squeak, with a bit of excess veggies.

and if i see i am at the end of sack of spuds, i boil and mash them up and pop into freezer containers for instant frozen mash - i even on one bored day, rolled the mash to then cut out discs - to make delia's cheat shepherds pie.

I also turn left over mash into croquettes either plain mash or with bit of ham/leftover chicken/a few grates of cheese and spring onion/chillies etc.

I rarely buy a whole chicken these days, but if i do i make sure i make the most of it, getting a roast chicken dinner, 2 rounds of sandwiches, a chicken and something or other pie, possibly a chicken stir fry, and i cook up the bones for a stock. which is all do-able to feed the 2 of use from a 1.2kg chicken.

i often buy a big bulk of beef mince - make a basic mince and tatties mix, then turn it into 3/4 seperate pans, for making spag bol/lasagna a chilli a keema curry or a cottage pie.

learn to love your freezer too is my motto, so much can be frozen - from the dog ends of your loaf of bread for breadcrumbs, to odd bits of cheese - to add to cheese on toast, or mashed potato topping.

and veggie off cuts are great for stews/casseroles and soups.

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