Dried beans v canned beans

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Dried beans v canned beans

Can someone please advise? A recipe asks for dried beans, soaked and boiled and then to include their cooking water.

If I use canned beans, do I add water or stock to make up the liquid or will the dish be lacking something (i.e. is there starch in the boiled bean liquid). Also, is the weight of dried equal to canned?

Hope someone can help as I'm happier using canned rather than dried beans.


Dried beans

If you have a pressure cooker dried beans are a doddle.

Dried beans soaked and cooked will end up 3 - 4 times the volume. If you soak and cook a 500g packet the surplus will freeze well. A 500g pack will produce the equivalent of 3 - 4 tins.

Dried beans do not have the same metallic taste of canned beans, which are very convenient but should be rinsed before use IMO.

If you need extra liquid add stock or water.

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