Sticking Pavlova

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Sticking Pavlova

Can anyone please help me..! My pavlova is sticking to the paper and just won't come away. Over the years I have made quite a few a they have always been a success but just lately I have had this awful problem. Have to turn my pavlova into an Eton Mess after scraping it from the paper..!!
Nothing has changed in the way I do things and my oven is the same. I also use a separate thermometer in the oven to check the temperature.
6 eggs
12 ozs caster sugar
Teaspoon each of, cornflour, vinegar and vanilla essence.
Whip eggs stiffly, add sugar 1oz at a time, cornflour with last spoon of sugar. Fold in vinegar and essence.
Spoon onto a large lightly greased pan containing lightly greased paper lightly doused with cornflour.
Bake in bottom of fan oven on 110 degrees for 2 hours and then turn off oven and leave until cold.
PLEASE can anyone help me as I just cannot think what I am doing wrong. Thanks alot....



I always make pavlova in a Pyrex pie dish. I oil it before putting the meringue in.

Bake then leave it in the dish. Fill and serve.

No problem with sticking.

Queen of Puds


I always use baking parchment or silicon sheet. Never need to dust, oil or anything.

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