lost recipe

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Sue Woolston

lost recipe

Many years ago I had my first freezer recipe book and in it was the best Raised Chicken and Pate Pie I have ever made. It never failed and froze wonderfully and, most important of all, it was not complicated. The pastry was just ordinary short crust, nothing fancy. The book must have been published more than 40 years ago. It cant have been very expensive as I was hard up on those days. The title was something like: The Freezer Cookery Book, the format was hardback, about 11 ins tall by 7 ins wide and maybe 1 in thick.
If anyone has such a recipe or the actual book I'd be so pleased to hear from them. Sue Woolston


lost recipe

I've googled the name of the book and it looks likely that it was a Marks and Spencers cookery book (titled
The All Colour Freezer Cookery Book). There are lots of copies, very cheap, on Amazon and ebay.

Hope this is what you are looking for.

Grannie Cool

Lost Recipe.

Hi Sue,
I don't know whether this could be the same cookery book you are thinking of, but I have one which I have had since 1979 and it's called "1000 Freezer Recipes" which was edited by Carole Handslip and Jeni Wright and published by Octopus Books Ltd. and printed in Czechoslovakia.(also a hardback).
I have had a look but find nothing called Raised Chicken and Pate Pie.
There is a Chicken and Ham Pie that has chicken, ham, onion and sweetcorn plus shortcrust pastry.
A chicken pie with chicken, onion, green pepper, button mushrooms, etc. with s/c pastry.
Not quite what you are looking for, but perhaps there's somebody out there who has. Good luck.


Lost recipe

I have a M&S book called Cooking for your Freezer by Mary Berry dating back to 1977 but none of the recipes fit your description.

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