Food Processor For Pastry Dough

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Food Processor For Pastry Dough

Money is tight at the moment so just before Christmas I bought a Lidl food processor. Now to be honest it has done everything I've asked of it so far; in the main it is used for kneading my bread.

However, I'd like to obtain a processor or blender that will blitz butter and flour together for the likes of shortcrust or puff pastry. Up until now I've been doing it by hand but would like to speed things up a little.

So can anyone suggest a processor/blender that will help me in this regard? I want something economical as all it will be used for is pastry blending.

Perhaps when I win the lottery I'll invest in a new kitchen and a KitchenAid - but not just now :)


Food Processor For Pastry Dough

I would have thought that any food processor could blitz butter and flour together. Not nearly as tough as kneading bread dough!

John S.

Kitchen Aid

New kitchen, great idea!

Kithchen Aid mixer, not such a great idea!, cheaply made piece of junk from China with plstic gears that strip when faced with a good workout.


kitchen aid

I am glad you told us that. I have been yearning for a kitchen aid for years. What do you suggest instead.
Winifred Chisholm



John, you've had one of these? I've had mine for a number of years. A good strong and suitably heavy appliance and it's done me proud. Wouldn't swap it for any other. It will last me my lifetime.


Food processor for pastry

Just make a small amount in your LIdl one. At worst it won't be perfect, at best you'll find it does the job perfectly. FPs are not exactly rocket science ;) Good luck and please feedback as I am changing equipment at home :)


Food Processor for Pastry Dough

Kah22, I am a little confused, you mention a "Food Processor", do you mean a "Food Mixer" as in the type that is a Kitchen Aid ??

I have a Food processor (Moulinex 650), which chops, grates, has 2 blades, plastic and metal, and a whisk.and a seperate blender.
I also had a Kenwood Mixer (no longer) which had a K whisk, a balloon whisk and dough hooks. But I consider them to be two different machines .

if you have the first type, then you should be able to use the plastic or the metal blades for pastry.

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