What Size Pan

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What Size Pan

I am going to attempt to make my first suet pudding and need some advice regarding pan size.

The recipe calls for 500g of cubed beef, 1 large carrot, 1 onion and 450ml beef stock... which is first cooked in a casserole before transferring to a pastry lined tin which is then steamed...

What size pan would I need for the above quantities + the pastry?


sam from worthing

what size pan.

I have never made a suet pudding for steaming in a tin. I use pudding basins - pyrex bowl, for the amount of meat your are mentioning, a 2 pint (i think about 1 and half litres) bowl will be more than ample. If you are making in a loaf tin similar to a meatloaf in a suet casing, i would think a 2lb (which is the larger of the 2 loaf tins i have) tin would big enough

actually, i lied, i have made suet puddings in tins - they are the little mini tins, delia recommends and sold in lakeland and supermarkets.

If you followed delias recipe -


makes 8 of these little single portion puddings, dead handy for the freezer - but defrost them before re-steaming.


What Size Pan...

you were right about the volume and I ended up using a Pyrex dish... the mistake I made was filling the pie to the brim... so of course when I turned it over I manage to scald my hand on the gravy that found its way out...

good news is that by following Dela's suet pastry recipe I ended up with a pretty good, turned out beef & veg suet pud that was a great success with the family...


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