Wedding cakes

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Wedding cakes

Please can anyone help with scaling up a fruit wedding cake quantity. Delias conversion table only goes up to an 11inch round tin & I need to do a 12 inch for the base cake. Help!
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Wedding cake

Good job I'm here innit???***!!!

For 6, 9 & 12" square tiers:
7 lb mixed fruit
12 oz almonds
2 lb 4 oz plain flour
1 tsp salt
4-1/2 tsp spice
1-1/2 lb butter
1-1/2 lb soft brown sugar
18 eggs
9 tbs milk or brandy

Sorry it's in old money.

This mixture is for 3 tiers; 6, 9 and 12"


Scaling up cakes

If you click on the information centre on the left of the page there is a guide to scaling cakes up or down in there.


Scaling up cakes

I have used this method with great success .
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Scaling cake ingredients
Submitted by Rita 11 June 2009

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Use the ingredients for an 8 inch round cake as a base unit. Then look up the table and multiply the ingredients of the 8 round by the ratio given. For example if you want a 9 round cake and you have a recipe for an 8 round, take the ingredients of the 8 round cake and multiply them by 1.3 except for the cooking time. I am unable to give you this as every oven is different.
The height of the scaled up or down cake will be the same as the 8 inch round cake. This is important especially if you want a large cake which might look imbalanced if the cake is very shallow.

Multiply the ingredients by the following ratios:

For 5 round multiply by 0.4
For 6 round multiply by 0.6
For 7 round multiply by 0.8
For 9 round multiply by 1.3
For 10 round multiply by 1.6
For 11 round multiply by 2
For 12 round multiply by 2.25
For 13 round multiply by 2.6
For 14 round multiply by 3.1

For 5 square multiply by 0.5
For 6 square multiply by 0.7
For 7 square multiply by 1
For 8 square multiply by 1.3
For 9 square multiply by 1.6
For 10 square multiply by 2
For 11 square multiply by 2.4
For 12 square multiply by 3
For 13 square multiply by 3.4
For 14 square multiply by 4

For 5 hexagon multiply by 0.2
for 6 hexagon multiply by 0.35
for 7 hexagon multiply by 0.6
for 8 hexagon multiply by 0.8
for 9 hexagon multiply by 1
for 10 hexagon multiply by 1.3
for 11 hexagon multiply by 1.6
for 12 hexagon multiply by 2
for 13 hexagon multiply by 2.2
for 14 hexgon multiply by 2.5
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