Sponge 10 inch tin, 375g of all & 6 eggs!

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Sponge 10 inch tin, 375g of all & 6 eggs!

Hi please can you tell me
How long to cook this mix for a victoria sponge taste & what gas mark?
I usually do 375g of all & 6 eggs & split into two halves-separate tins.

*****Though I do not want todo 2 halves in the oven, ****
just one single cake with these quantities.
To be carved into a car for example or others as am always being asked for cakes though it would be alot easier if i just made one big sponge & carved, creamed & jammed :D

Really appreciate any help with
***Timimg in the oven & gas mark***
Many Thanks



If you are carving a car it might be easier to use loaf tins or two tray-bake tins; cut out two car shapes and sandwich together with jam, lemon curd or butter cream.

Queen of Puds

celebration cake

I always make a normal Madeira & bake at the slightly lower temp it required. I use best tin for shape of cake - deep often most useful. Just keep testing it until skewer comes out clean, you may need to allow longer cooking than the recipe says but Madeira cakes require slow & low. Then cool in tin. I find that freezing the cake, even overnight makes it keep better. Then defrost, carve & cover etc.

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