Deep fluted quiche tin 23x4 cm

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Gordon Marriott

Deep fluted quiche tin 23x4 cm

The above tin is required to make the deep lemon tart BUT I cannot find a tin like this anywhere, either on or offline. None of the traditional suppliers on the www seem to have these measurements.

Does anyone know somebody who would stock it?

Many thanks.

Gravy Queen 1

Deep fluted tin

The closest I could find is in Lakeland , slightly bigger at 25 cms x 5 cms . I wonder if it would work ?


Quiche tin

Remember recipes are for guidance. The quiche will still taste good if the tin is slightly different.

You could make it in a square or oblong tin if you so wished.

If you bought every tin that chefs suggest you would have dozens of the things and none of them would be precisely right.

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