The New Year And New Challanges.

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The New Year And New Challanges.

I really enjoyed the Christmas holidays and was delighted my cooking/baking turned out so well :)

Anyway my challenge to myself this next few months is to learn how to use a piping bag. I've never used one before.

Can any of the members give me a recipe that I can use to make up practice icing. I suppose I would initially want something like double cream or meringue. Is it possible to make up one you can use over and over again?

Any web resources you can point me to would be gratefully appreciated.

May I take this opportunity of wishing everyone on the Forums and their loved ones a very happy and peaceful New Year




If you start with cake icing until you are confident, just mix up icing sugar and water and pipe away. You can scrape up the icing and put it back in the bag. Or make up a quantity of royal icing with an egg white if you want to something more elaborate.

Then move on to mashed potato in a large bag. Duchess potatoes, cottage pie topping, potato nests. Then your efforts will not be wasted - you can eat them.


Practice icing.

You could make up a batch of Viennese Tart dough and pipe with that for practicing rosettes and ropes and then bake it and eat the results sandwiched with butter cream and jam!

Queen of Puds

Icing practise

I'm sure that on one of the food network cookery shows they suggested practising with butter. But I think that is a bit fraught because it melts. And icing made with water alone doesn't feel like royal icing or behave in quite the same way, so I would use egg white powder & make up the real stuff. You can keep scraping it back into the bowl but if you get even a scrap of hardened icing in your nozzle then it won't pipe. I learnt by piping onto an old cake board covered with black sticky back plastic - easy to wipe clean & you can see what you are doing. Icing will be ok in fridge if covered closely with cling film, but it can go wet on the top - just beat it back in. Good luck!

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