Christmas Pudding Ice Cream bombe

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Christmas Pudding Ice Cream bombe

I am looking for a recipe that I think appeared in the Cordon Bleu Cookery Course Magazine that I collected from 1968 (72 issues). Unfortunately my husband cleared them out when my cookery book collection total in excess of 500 books! Does anyone have the collection and is able to look up the recipe. Would be delighted to find it!


Christmas pudding bombe

That is a heinous crime! Do you have a new husband now?

I have found a plum pudding ice which is not exactly what you are looking for.

I think the bombe involved folding Christmas pudding and chopped glace fruit into whipped cream and then freezing it.

Slices of Christmas Pudding fried in butter are an excellent fall-back.

The then current puppy almost destroyed the complete Cordon Bleu index in the 70s and the crucial bit is missing.

I still use the part-work, it has one of the best Christmas Pudding recipes.

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