Evaporated Milk ??

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Sue G

Evaporated Milk ??

Just searched the shops and can't find Evaporated milk here in France.

Planning to make Creamy Vanilla Fudge on saturday, recipe states 150ml milk & 175g evaporated milk,
Can i just use all milk?
Does it have to be full cream milk?
Or should i replace the evaporated milk with cream?

Thanks for any advice, first time for making fudge



Sue I have just made 100 pieces if fudge for my Grandsons charity stall tomorrow , but I always use condensed to make mine.
Can you get that where you are.
Have a look on the Carnation site .

Sue G

Evaporated milk

" Sue I have just made 100 pieces if fudge for my Grandsons charity stall tomorrow , but I always use condensed to make mine.
Can you get that where you are.
Have a look on the Carnation site ."

Is your recipe in your profile, or would you be able to email me,

i have a few tins on condensed in the cupboard that need to be used up.



Sue this is so easy.

3 ingredients.

Tin of condensed milk.
450g of Demerara or soft brown sugar(I prefer soft brown)
115 g butter.

Everything into a saucepan , heat slowly until the sugar is melted (no grains showing on the back of the wooden spoon)
Bring to the boil,.
It will take around 15 mins to reach 120 degrees.
If you do not have a sugar thermomoter just have a glass of iced water to hand,.After about 10 to 12 mins just drop one drop of the mix in the water, if it forms a soft ball it is done.
You will need a greased tin ready , mine is about 10x12 , line with parchment.
When the fudge has reached setting stage , remove from the heat & beat it for a min or so , not too long as it will soon start setting.
Pour into the tin , leave for half an hour or so , then mark out the fudge the size you want the pieces ro be .allow to get cold , then cut.
If you want to add anything this is the stage you would add whatever you wanted to.

This is my basic mix, but to this you can add , choc , or marshmallows , nuts , in fact anything you want.
I am sending 4 different kinds to school tomorrow , dark choc, white choc , marshmallow , & was asked for pistachio ( a good memory from last year).
I make cherry fudge for a friend, add anything that takes your fancy.last year my Grandson raised £35 for the schools chosen charity just selling sausage rolls , & fudge. Good old Nana !!!!!!!

Will keep an eye on this post so ask if you want to know anything.



Use a bigger tin if you want thinner pieces of fudge.
I also make rum & raisin fudge.
For one tin size I use abou 2 good handfull of raisins that have been soaked in a few spoons of rum for 24 hours.


Sue G

Thanks Anastasia

Thanks you so much for the recipe.

Will get them baking on the weekend.

Sue G

FAO Anastasia


Had a problem yesterday with the fudge, it didn't want to set, got it to the boiling boil but still really thin after 25 mins. Told the kids it would set over night, once in bed i made another batch.
This time i noticed that the tin of condensed milk was different, first one was non sugar second batch that worked perfect was with added sugar? maybe this was why it would set.

The kids & i did a taste test this morning, it is so good, will be making more during the week, ready to box up for the granny. We have a jar of cherry brandy which should be ready, will take out a few cherry to put in one batch.
ALso made some chocolate fudge, this recipe was easy for the kids no boiling, also for the first time i made Turkish Delight, didn't realise how easy this was to make.

Hope your grandson sold all his fudge.
Thanks again for your help.


All sold

This year the fudge & sausage rolls sold for a total of £33.

I am going to make some more tomorrow as my grandson will take 56 pieces on Friday.it seems that most have asked for marshmallow fudge.Each child & teacher will have 2 pieces I am told.
Glad all went well for you Sue, have a good Christmas.

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