Frozen turkey

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Frozen turkey

Hi, I have a turkey in the chest freezer from last Christmas. Will it be safe to use this year, subject to usual caveats ref defrosting properly? If not, I will need to buy one molto pronto!



Of course it will be safe, totally safe.

However, nothing should be in a freezer for 12 months so personally I'd buy a new one for Christmas day, and use this one for curries, stews, pies etc where the texture will not be so important.

No, it will def not kill you, but it will have lost quality by being frozen for so long.

sam from worthing

Frozen turkey.

If the turkey was brought as a frozen turkey, i would look on the labels.

If fresh and YOU froze it, I would follow James's advice - and use for personal useage, ie not a special family/friends get together dinner, and use for turkey and ham pie, or curry, or pre cooked and re-frozen in slices in a gravy etc.

more so, if you have a more antiquated freezer (like me). as any fresh meat that has been frozen should be used ideally withing 3 months - 6 at a push.

Turkeys FRESH are now starting to arrive in the supermarkets, and butchers.

Get a new one, is my advice too.


Frozen turkey

For Thanksgiving last month I roasted a 20lb turkey frozen 18 months ago. Prepared it as per Delia's instructions and it was delicious.

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