Will my Christmas cake be dry?

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Will my Christmas cake be dry?

Hi there.
Made my second ever Christmas cake a few weeks ago.
I soaked the fruit overnight in Brandy before baking it.
Im now concerned the cake will be very dry as it was in the oven for 4 hours.
Am I too late to salvage it with more liquid on the top?
Any advice would be great thanks

sam from worthing

dry christmas cake

if you followed delias method. It will not be dry at all.

but, if you have a feeling - turn cake upside down and take a nibble from the underside - and you feel it could be dry, make several piercings in the cake using a cocktail stick or skewer, and spread a tablespoon of brandy/rum/whisky over the cake, and re-wrap in parchment and 2 layers of tin foil.

then in a week-10 days time, you can marzipan it - leave covered in a tea towel to dry out - then a couple of days before christmas you can ice it.

It will be perfect.

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