Alcohol Free Festive Fare

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Alcohol Free Festive Fare

Christmas cakes, mince pies, trifles, home made choc truffle recipes all have added alcohol.
Can anyone suggest alcohol free alternatives? I could simply omit but the liquid volume might be important to the recipe??
Many thanks


Alcohol Free.

Many recipes it can just be left out, but when the liquid is important use fruit juice.

Depending on the recipe, orange, apple and even cranberry juice can all be used instead. Just select one that suits the flavours in the recipe.



Alcohol free

James is spot on. Most traditional fare needs alcohol as a preservative rather than anything else.
Instead of the usual cake these days I make a choc. roulade filled with cream and berries . Rolled in icing sugar and decorated looks very festive and lucky if I get a slice !

sam from worthing

Alcohol free baking

I used to have to make various items alcohol free, cakes, puddings, mince pies.

But I made no more than a week prior to eating - due to preserving properties.

Good quality apple juice or orange juice or stewed tea. Make fabulous substitutions.

If cooking a savoury dish, use suitable flavoured stock, or water.


Festive fare

Slightly off topic but made my cranberry sauce today (going away tomorrow till 22nd so need to be organised!) didn't have any orange juice which recipe called for and instead used some apple and ginger juice which was already opened. It was a huge success. Just goes to show that improvisation often works better.

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