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I'm making delias chocolate truffle torte. I've been out and picked up some liquid glycerine rather than liquid glucose, can I use the glycerine instead or does it need to be glucose? Don't even know if its the same stuff? Thanks



They are quite different. Glycerine is used to make Royal Icing a bit softer.

Glucose can usually be found in little bottles in the cake decorating section. Supercook or Dr O...

Or you can omit it or make a very, very strong sugar syrup or use golden syrup.



you can also get liquid glucose from pharmacy part in get more in a pot for less in 'boots', thats where I get mine as I make Delia's truffle torte yearly and freeze it.


Liquid Glucose substitute

You can also make yourself a simple syrup 4 TBSP of water to 4 TBSP of caster sugar, warm in the microwave until dissolved, allow to cool and then measure out as much as you need. It isn't worth keeping the excess as it is so simple and quick to make. Works just as well, I used it all the time in France when I couldn't get the glucose syrup.

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