Christmas pudding - cooking time in bain marie

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Christmas pudding - cooking time in bain marie

Does anyone know how long to cook the Christmas pudding in a Bain Marie, i.e. pyrex dish sat directly in simmering water? Delta's recipe says to steam over simmering water for 8 hours and I wondered whether I should reduce the time using a Bain Marie type cooking method? Cheers.


Same time.

I would cook for the same amount of time.
Whilst you cannot overcook a pudding , it is of course possible to undercook if you allow less time


Mini xmas puds

This has been very helpful!
I have 8 x 300mls puds on two trays for the oven.
Could you suggest an oven temperature for the 8 hours of cooking?
And do I pour boiling water into the bain marie?



Boiling water

Yes use boiling water , have it half way up pudding bowls.
I seal the pan with a layer of greaseproof , then a layer of foil.
Seal tight so no steam escapes .
Just check once or twice , you may only need to top up once.
I heat my oven to 180 , put the pan in then turn down to 120 to 130 after 5 mins depending on your oven.
When you open the oven to check the water level , be sure to heat back up again to 180 , leave again. for 5 mins then turn down.
If you do not give the oven a blast of heat after it has been opened you could end up with puddings sitting in warm after rather than having them steam.

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