Converting recipe to slow cooker

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Converting recipe to slow cooker

I am doing a pork recipe that I am going to do in my slow cooker. If I was doing the recipe normally on the hob it says to add the onions ,peppers and mushrooms 10 mins before the end of cooking. Should I just put everything in the slow cooker now or just add them to the slow cooker at the end.

sam from worthing

converting to cook in slow cooker.

not knowing your actual recipe.

Onions, I would add when you start.

Mushrooms, about 45 mins before end.

And reduce "stock" quantities by half,but keep a bit to one side, for a little top up, if needed. as the steam created during cooking goes back into the sauce. Try not to keep taking the lid off, as steam will escape and heat loss, you should add about 15 mins everytime you take the lid off.

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