adapting Christmas pudding recipe

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adapting Christmas pudding recipe

making my first Christmas pudding this year and have a nice looking recipe from the women's institute cookbook, my only complaint being it has no nuts or brandy/rum in it, is there some sort of formula for the ratio of wet to dry ingredients that exists so that i can adapt my recipe to include these ingredients? i have had a look at loads of recipes but can't find one that includes all the things i love in a xmas pud , ie: nuts, dark brown sugar, black treacle , stout, brandy or rum and (obv) loads of fruit and peel, i like my pud to have everything! can anyone help???


Christmas pudding

Well, Delia's traditional Christmas pudding recipe has everything you mention except the treacle and I'm sure you could just add a spoonful. Enjoy!



This is what I have in mine.
A mix of fruit, raisins , currants , a few dates , a few cranberries dried, sultans, cherries , peel ,a few dried apricots chopped up, .Thisnis all soaked in stout overnight.
The dry ingredients are breadcrumbs , flour , almonds , brown sugar. walnuts , a few almonds , just slivers. Black treacle
I use egg also.
Cinnamon , fresh nutmeg , mixed spice.

I do not use scales so all is done by eye.

Delicious puddings every year.
I do feel that ingredients for Christams pudding is open to the addition of any fruits , or anything else , purely personal taste.

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