adapting Christmas pudding recipe

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adapting Christmas pudding recipe

making my first Christmas pudding this year and have a nice looking recipe from the women's institute cookbook, my only complaint being it has no nuts or brandy/rum in it, is there some sort of formula for the ratio of wet to dry ingredients that exists so that i can adapt my recipe to include these ingredients? i have had a look at loads of recipes but can't find one that includes all the things i love in a xmas pud , ie: nuts, dark brown sugar, black treacle , stout, brandy or rum and (obv) loads of fruit and peel, i like my pud to have everything! can anyone help???

sam from worthing

adapting a christmas pud.

well, your found recipe maybe be lovely - but it sounds like its missing all the vital ingredients that make a christmas pudding.

delias as above, is always made in my house, with a few slight twists to our taste - ie, all the liquid measures are ALL rum, unlike you I don't put nuts in - I add more fruit, usually cherries, as members of my family don't do nuts.

you do not have to make large basins - you can make 2 one pint puds, or 4 smaller ones. this recipe never fails - just like delias classic christmas cake.

tried tested trustworthy and delicious.


Adapting Christmas pudding recipe

I wholeheartedly agree with Sam. I dared to try another Christmas cake recipe one year from another respected cook/chef but never again. Has to be Delia's cake and puddings every year. This year I am spared or deprived however one wants to look at it, the task of making puddings as I have a large and 2 mini from last year. Still look and smell great. Making cakes this week.

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