Christmas Pudding - after steaming

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Christmas Pudding - after steaming

First attempt ever at making Christmas pudding. Made the batter yesterday and right now they are steaming away.

I noticed that the foil on top of the basin expanded a bit already (I didn't fill the basins level to the top, I left like 5 mm).

I have a question.
Once they are cooked I am supposed to replace the greaseproof paper/foil with a fresh one.
Shall I also cut the tops with a knife to make them level, or shall I leave them bulging?

By the way, I used a food processor to give the final hard stir that Delia talks about. Mostly because the bits of shredded suet did not look incorporated at first (I hope I was not supposed to rub the suet in the flour with hands, as Delia says "mix" not "rub" in the recipe!).

Fingers crossed, the annoying thing is that I will have to wait more than a month to know if they are turned out good!


My way!!

This is how I do mine.
I add a spoon or two of brandy or whiskey to mine as soon as they are cooked.
I leave them to cool until the next day , then I remove them from the bowls that they were cooked in.
I wrap each one in greaseproof , then wrap in foil.
They will keep for a very long time like this.
Why wait a month ???
I always try one of mine the day they are cooked , been known to eat Christmas pudding for lunch in September .
Go on , be a devil . !!!!

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