Sandwiches for afternoon tea

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Sandwiches for afternoon tea

I am having friends over for afternoon tea, I have all the cakes sorted but am struggling with sandwich ideas as I want to make nice and tasty sandwiches.

Has anyone any ideas? I thought ham and a chutney. Have I left it too late to make chutney? The party is Sunday week.

Thank you.




Chutney does usually need some time to mature. Made now it will be good at Christmas.

sam from worthing

sandwiches for afternoon tea

well. if you want a bit of a classic british tea.

you HAVE to have cucumber sandwiches, and de skin the cucumber and cut the crusts off.

smoked salmon, withe a grind of black pepper and lemon juice on whole meal.

egg and cress.

thinly sliced pot roasted beef and horseradish.

thinly sliced ham and mustard.

grated cheese and branston pickle.

and you could even do fish paste sandwiches for a real blast from the past food memory.

possibly prawns and mayonnaise.

all sandwiches HAVE to be cut into 4 triangles.

sam from worthing


homemade chutneys need at least 3 months to mature, in my opinion.

you could make an onion marmalade.

if you look on the good food website - they have a divine recipe for red onion marmalade, which i highly recommend - and you can eat it straight away, although if you make it to the recipe (rather than maybe halving for your purpose) it stores great.

violet eyes

Anastasia's chutney

Anastasia has a lovely Sweet Tomato Chutney that can be made and eaten on the same day.
It's one of the nicest I've tried and simple to make.

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