Spiced damson Chutney

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Patrick Marshall

Spiced damson Chutney

I've been making Delias damson chutney for the last three years, quite successfully. This Years batch tasted bitter when I bottled it. I opened a jar after a month and it still wasn't right. Does anyone know if maturing it further will help or is there anything I can do to rescue it?


3 months

Damson chutney needs a good 3 months to mature.
It will taste sour after a month, so just put it to the back of the cupboard for another 2 months at least .
As the time goes on the chutney will get sweeter , I have some of mine for a year before I open it , & when I do break into a jar it is so delicious , such fabulous flavour.
This has been a bad year for fruit , & that will be reflected in the finished product.
Damsons & plums this year really have lacked their usual sweetness, so hang on in there for a couple of months & all should be well.

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