Liquid glucose for less sweet sorbets?

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Liquid glucose for less sweet sorbets?

Hi, here I am still pursuing my quest for less sweet sorbets! Could liquid glucose be a solution? Has anyone tried? I find the overly sweet sorbets awfull and I know that there are ways of curbing the sugar but I am still trying to find them! Liquid glucose (here in France you can't buy it at the pharmacy, only in cake shops and it costs next to nothing!) is less sweet than sugar (therefore trying to replace it with a sugar syrup is not a good idea) and seems to give sorbets a good consistency, the only problem is how much to use. I have found some recipes online using it but if you replace one fruit by another you still don't know exactly how much to use. Is anyone interested in this topic who has done experiments? My next experiment is going to be to replace a bit of the sugar syrup in the recipes (I own the book Ices, the Definitive guide, in which all sorbets are made using simple sugar syrup) by glucose and see what happens!

In ice cream recipes the sugar can easily be lowered and I always do that! No icea why most recipes use too much sugar, be it cakes, puddings, ice creams, anything, quite strange as sugar is not particularly healthy or good for your weight!

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