Christmas cake booze

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Christmas cake booze


I make a large number of cakes each year as presents for people and normally I use brandy. I have a large bottle of liqueur left over from a Greek holiday! I think it's Kumquat. It's very citrussy and sweet, do you think it will be too much to use in a Christmas cake. I was thinking if it is too much to smother the cake in, I a pre-soaking of the fruit would be nice?

I would appreciate any guidance especially from those that have used a heavier booze before!


sam from worthing

christmas cake alcohol.

i usually use rum, for my cakes and puddings. using delias recipes.

but i have made delias creole cake. which uses a lot more exotic, lol, alcohol.

I don't really see a problem with using your bottle, its more a matter of taste - if you like it, and others who will eat the cake like it - then no problemo, as far as i can see.

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