Vinergary Chutney

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Vinergary Chutney

We made chutney last year using Delia's recipe - with malt vinegar and despite leaving it for over a year it still tastes vinergary - can we save it or do we chuck it?


Not sure

If you used a cast iron pan that would cause the chutney to taste very harsh.

If the chutney were mine I would empty it all back into a pan , then add a dessert spoon of brown sugar for each jar.
Allow the sugar to dissolve , then bring to the boil, allow to simmer for. Few mins.
You would need to sterilise the jars & lids again as if starting from scratch with the chutney. This will make it sweeter , just let it rest a few days , no need for 3 months as the fruit will already be infused with the spices.

I tend to use half malt , & half wine winegar in my chutneys , it gives anice mellow taste without a hint of the vinegar flavour.

Cider vinegar used in apple chutneys also adds that little extra to the end product.

Good Luck


sam from worthing

vinegary chutney

oh ana, you always give such great advice on chutneys and what nots.

on your input over the years i know use WW vinegar - or, more usually i use cider vinegar now - a much mellower taste.

Just a thought to pick your brain, could you used "white vinegar" with maybe a muslin bag full of pickling spices? instead of malt too?


White vinegar.

Yes you can use a muslin bag with a mix of spices with white vinegar.
I like most chutneys to be mellowish (is that a word), but some call for a bit of fire , a bit more body.
I always use malt or white with a piccalilli , a malt when I pickle onions for my Sister , but a wine vinegar with honey or sugar whan I pickle onions for my own table.
Which vinegar to use is purely personal taste , I have adapted pickle & chutney making over the years to suit the tastes of my family.

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