Gluten Free Mincemeat

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Matt N

Gluten Free Mincemeat

This year my wife has been diagnosed as Gluten intolerant. Does anyone have a Gluten Free mincemeat recipe or a good substitute for suet.

thanks a lot


Suet free

You can grate an apple into the mincemeat , also grate some unsalted butter .
This works really well , also stores well.


gf mincemeat

Agree with Anastasia. I've never put breadcrumbs or packet suet in m'meat. Any fat will do. Traditionally it contained proper meat.



You can buy GF suet - just Google. I simply buy a block of white fat leave it in the freezer for a while then roughly grate and toss in a little GF flour and mix.


g/f mincemeat

As a fellow celiac ( sorry I am a USA Brit hence the spell check ! ) I use melted butter and it works really well. I also use melted butter for the Christmas pudding with the same success. If you stir some brandy in when cool the mincemeat will keep very well and ditto the pudding and no one can tell the difference. If you have yet to master g/f pastry try making a g/f crumble mix and pressing that into a flan dish instead. works well, if it becomes to dry add some water or apple juice so it becomes easier to work with. Be sure all the fruit is g/f as some is rolled in flour to stop it clumping, a good wash will fix it but allow time for it to dry well or the mincemeat will become very wet and not easy to work with. Good luck.

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