wedding fruit cake tin size?

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wedding fruit cake tin size?

Hello. I'm making a stacked 3-tier wedding cake for a friend and she would like the bottom tier to be fruitcake. I usually make sponges, and sandwich 2 sponges together to make a nice thick tier. As I've not made fruitcake before I have no idea what size tin to use to ensure a nice thick cake as I'm pretty sure you don't sandwhich 2 cakes together for fruitcake?!!
Can anyone help? I'm planning on using Delia's xmas cake recipe and I need a nice thick 8" tier.
Many thanks, x


wedding cake size

This is going to depend on how many you want to serve and the size of your other cakes as you want the cake to have a flow without too big a jump in size. If your top tier is say 8" then the middle would be around 11" and your bottom 15". I've used those sizes to serve 150.
This may help. Good luck!

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