Roast Beef for 20

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Caro H

Roast Beef for 20

Please can anyone advise me how to manage producing a rib of beef plus full roast accompanyments for 20 people (3 of which children with small appetites) in a single oven (plus gas hobs)? Feel I may be overreaching myself. What can I par cook in advance? How much beef should I need? Thanks for any help. C

sam from worthing

roast beef for 20

good gracious me.

you would need a whole cow! lol.

a rib of beef (fore rib) at say 3kg would serve 8. i would cook for approx 3 and a bit hours.

You could do one big rib joint - which served each person one slice maybe 2, and do another meat to accompany it, turkey/pork loin.

Or you could the day before pot roast a silverside/topside joint for several hours - let it cool down completely and slice it as thin as you can, reserving the cooking liquor, and then in a serving dish like a huge lasagna one lay the slices and pour the thickened gravy over - then reheat on the day, for 40 mins or so covered in the oven. then people can help them selves to the slices plus a spoon or 2 of gravy - with extra on the side.

I would still go for another meat as well, as 20 from one joint of beef is a master undertaking in a single oven.

And use delias methods for cooking the roast rib and the pot roasting.

sam from worthing

roast beef again

you can make your roasties to a point the day before too. I would allow 3 roasties per person, then do another 3 or 4 potaoes for greedy hungry bellys, any leftovers bubble and squeak.

par boil them, shake and let cool - put in a bowl or zip lock bag till ready for roasting, but bring out of the fridge an hour before you want to roast them.

if you made delias method for yorkshire puddings, in a BIG tin - make 2 the day before, or even 2 or 3 or 4 day before, and cook. then allow to cool and cut into portions, and then you can open freeze them, then while your finishing off your veggies and plating up or putting food into serving dishes, put the yorkie portions on a roasting tray and reheat in an off oven for about 15 mins, to defrost and heat through.

you could always pre cook your veggies a few days before and freeze and pop in boiling water for a few mins till hot through on the day too.

or par boil them the day before, refresh under cold water, drain well - and keep in air tight bag/tupperware in the fridge and reheat in the zapper or in pan of boiling water till hot through.

and another thing with your beef - you can cook it early in the morning, and if you double cover in tin foil and put a tea towel over it will stay warm for quite a while a good hour, but if your planning on doing that - reduce cooking time, but approx 25 mins as the beef will still cook, while its resting.

Make sure you warm your plates before dinner time too.

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