Difference between 2 delia books?

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Difference between 2 delia books?


I'm looking to buy a delia book but can't decide between "cookery course" and the "how to cook" range. Does anyone own both and can recommend which one is better (I haven't cooked much but looking to learn!) :-)



Essex Girl

Delia's Books

I have them and both are very informative with lots of lovely recipes, so very difficult to advise. However, of all my cookery books the Complete Cookery Course is on my list of all-time favourites.


Delia Books.

"How To Cook" is by far my most used Delia book. CCC is, to me, a bit dated.

If you are a new cook, then How To Cook also contains really interesting info on ingredients, equiptment etc.

sam from worthing


well, i have both too.

But, the book that taught me to cook was CCC, that was 20 years ago - never looked back - it was my first ever cook book, and i still cherish it today, with all its splats and torn dust cover.

I have the HTC's and i cook a fair amount from them (i have the triology copies and am lucky enough to own the Big Beast.

I would think, if you was just getting into cooking, then i would opt for delias HTC book - as it teaches and explains the basics in a wonderful way, with some excellent recipes to show off your new found skills learnt from the book.

Then, once you have gained confidence in your cooking ability then get the CCC.

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