cooking without onions

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cooking without onions

Hi all - long time since I've been here...

My OH has recently found out he has an allergy to onions.
I'm looking for advice on flavourings for winter stews and dishes like cottage pie, where normally I would use onions to add some flavour.

Does anybody have any tips?
I was thinking bay leaves? It would be a shaMe for him to not have his favourite cold weather warmers.


P.S chilli and garlic are also off the menu.



Just leave them out, that's what I do.

I don't understand the cooking worlds obsession with throwing them into everything. They add nothing to a dish and are just vile.

Just because something grows, it does not make it edible, and onions are not edible IMO.


No onions

There are many people in India who don't eat any of the allium family. Why not explore some of their recipes?

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