Rib of Beef

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Rob Shirley

Rib of Beef

I recently cooked a very large rib of beef, as per Delis's cooking instructions in her Complete Cook book.
The Butcher said cook it for about 5hrs
The Joint was 17lb in weight, I cooked it for 20mins at 245c, then 15mins per pound for 4hrs 25mins (for Rare)as per instructed, but when I carved, the meat looked more braised than roasted, fell apart and was not rare at all, Can anyone tell me where I went wrong as I felt I ruined a lovely joint of meat. Thank You - Rob Shirley


Rib of beef

I think you know where you went wrong. Sadly, you over-cooked the beef.

17lb is a mighty beast of a joint. If you tackle a joint like that again, get yourself a meat thermometer and be guided by it.

Such a shame!


Rob's beef rib

Sympathies, Rob. Bit late now but I use a cooking thermometer inserted into the beef while cooking. Times by weight are all very well but joints have different shapes even if they weigh the same.

sam from worthing

Rib of Beef

my word what a beast you had. I thought i had a monster 2 christmases ago with a 3kg (for 8 with leftovers).

245c - did you cook it at that temp for the whole cooking time? thats ever so hot, I would have reduced the heat to 170c after inital 20 mins of a heat blast.

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