Christmas Preparation

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Sue Winson

Christmas Preparation

As I am having loads of people to stay over Xmas, wondered if I could freeze a lost of dishes and if I could start soon, but is too early to freeze things yet? any help greatly appreciated.


Xmas prep.

Hi Sue,
like most people here I couldn't manage without a freezer and would recommend Delia's xmas books. The newer one has more detailed planning, freezing instructions & recipes to get through weeks of xmas! but I use recipes from both & couldn't be without them. If you have fav. meals that you freeze use those you would know how long they stay in the frrezer, but mostly use within a few weeks or they may not be at their best. Good luck & if it's not too early have a good one!
PS hope you remembered to get the sprouts on early, I've started the reheating of last years so they should be fantastic this year!

sam from worthing

christmas prep

you can make bread sauce now and freeze it.

you can make your gravy for turkey and freeze it now.

you can par cook your roast spuds now and freeze.

you can par cook your veg and freeze now.

christmas cake now - and feed over the coming weeks and months.

christmas puds now.

choc truffles in a month, and freeze.

you can buy a ham joint now and freeze defrost 2-3 days before cooking, then serve and freeze slices or make into pies etc.

make your mincemeat now - be even better this time next year.

make christmas crackers - personalised to guests.

christmas presents now.

lots of chutneys and jams and relishes can be made now, for your post christmas day lighter meals or gifts.

oh so much to do so little time!!!

oh and i do hope the sprouts have been on for at least a month already. if not get them on now for next christmas!

sam from worthing

chris prep another good make and freeze in useable pots.





loads of stuff.

oh and get in a load of part baked bread/rolls/mini baguettes, that you pop in the oven, always handy.


Pastry dishes

I always find pastry dishes freeze well, so in October or November, I make mince pies, sausage rolls and various quiche (a favourite of my family for our traditional Boxing Day buffet when we have the entire family from both sides visiting). The first two items are frozen raw, but the quiche is fully cooked and cooled before being frozen.

sam from worthing

christmas prep

how could i have forgotten sausage rolls, i adore delias ones with quick flaky pastry - and the cheese ones, heavenly.

Also i love delias palmiers - getting advenutous now with my fillings.

mini samosas are great stand bys in the freezer too.

stuffing balls wrapped in bacon.

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