Increase quantities from 7 inch cake tin to 14 inch

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Anita Taylor

Increase quantities from 7 inch cake tin to 14 inch

I always use Delia's all in one sponge recipe but need to bake a 14 inch square cake. Could anyone please advise me how to increase the recipe and cook time?


Increase ingredients

Hi I've used this system/equation to increase cake ingredients to whatever size I want. Hope it works. Are you making a 14 inch Victoria sponge? If so have doubts as to how 'stable' it will be.


Sponge cake

14 inch is very big!

Why do you want it that size?

Cooking it may be difficult. The outside may burn before the inside is done.

If it is difficult to find ingredients for such a big cake, sit yourself down with a cup of coffee and wonder why!

Anita Taylor

Increase quantities

You didn't include the formula for converting!
Could you please do so as I am very interested in trying it! Many thanks.


Whoops sorry

Thought I had pasted and copied....duhhhhh


Did you manage to find out how to increase the cake quantities?

Hiya. i saw your post about making a 14" cake and wondered if you managed it as I am having to try and make a 14" spong cake next week...i couldn't get the conversion link that someone posted for you. Did you try and did you succeed? If so how did you do it? Thanks. :-)

Anita Taylor

14inch cake

I cheated and used ready weighed Madeira mix which I bought from a cake supply shop. I made sure the outside of the tin had lots of newspaper round it to protect the outside from cooking too quickly, and baked it more longer, but at a slightly lower temperature than the recipe said. It raised in the centre even though I dimpled the mixture in the middle, but it was easy to level off.
Good luck!


14 inch..

As others have said, it isn't clear to me whether a 14 inch sponge will rise.

But here's a formula that you might consider.

Assuming equal depth cake tins...

You will need to know the area of the tin whose recipe you have and for the one to which you want to convert.

Converting a square 20cm tin to a 25 cm tin

Area of a square is (length of one side) * (length of another side)

So a 20cm square tin has an area of 400 square cm
A 25 square cm tin has an area of 625cm

Next do the following:
(Size of new tin)/(size of old tin)

625/400 = 1.5625

Now, take this number and multiply it by each of your ingredients. That's the new amount of stuff you must use.

so if the old recipe had
120g flour, the new one will have 187.5 g -- or, round to 190.

It gets complicated with an egg but use your own judgement.

Round tins are slightly more complicated as the area of a round tin is (pi, or 3.14)*(radius length) * (radius length). A radius is 1/2 the diameter of the circle, or the distance from the center of the tin to the edge.

Other than that, the procedure is the same.

Hope this isn't too much math for folks, but I AM a math person.


14 inch cake

hi,My tin is 14 inches x 10inches.I doubled the quantity of Victoria sponge mix and cooked on 180 slowly and it came out perfect.Hope this helps


14 inch cake

"hi,My tin is 14 inches x 10inches.I doubled the quantity of Victoria sponge mix and cooked on 180 slowly and it came out perfect.Hope this helps"

I don't know if you realised but the last post on this thread was on 05 June 2013!!

Hopefully it may help someone else:)

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