Lady Chatterleys Lover

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sam from worthing

Lady Chatterleys Lover

a book i have always wanted to read, but never got round to reading until kindle entered my life.

I thoroughly enjoyed it, very modern for the era it was written in.

and my word i thought i was onto a good thing with jackie collins - well dh lawrence certainly knows how to stoke up the fire, phroar!!!

and i am now left with many questions as to the proper ending of the book - I can only imagine that the right outcome did happen, even if it took many more years. without giving too much of the books ending away lol.

I know want to read more of lawrences books.

Liz from Cumbria

Lady Chatterley's Lover

Tee hee Sam, I was reading my mother's copy on the sly and was caught! My mother told me if I wanted to read it, to do so openly but read it all NOT just the saucy bits. I think I'd be in my early teens - did read it all but at the time wasn't too impressed with other than the saucy bits. Read it again later though and did enjoy it fully.

Expat Badger

lady chatterly

i read this a couple of years ago for the first time and thought it very modern for it's time

you can see why they banned it back then - it's quite rude!


Lady Chatterleys Lover

I remember reading my parent's copy many years ago and enjoying it. Thought it modern and daring but not rude, Expat B.!!
I went on to try some of his other books but found some much harder to read than Lady Chat.

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