Holiday Reading

Want to recommend a wonderful book to other members? Please do so ... whether it's food or not, we'd love to find out more.


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sam from worthing

Holiday Reading

I would like to recommend

Solitaire by Graham Masterton.

Its a really old book, about 1980's on ebay and amazon...

its set in late 1800's and its about a diamond and the mining in south africa with british rule etc etc.

i borrowed this book from SIL on holiday was immediately in love with "Barney"

should be made into a film in my opinion.

Tan Lines by JJ Salmen

is also a fantastic holiday read, got everything a girl wants in it!!! nudge nudge...this was borrowed from another person on our holiday.

another good recommendation, tesco have this book on offer at the moment!



holiday reading

Will look for them Sam

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