We don't need Richard & Judy...

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Liz from Cumbria

We don't need Richard & Judy...

we've got us!!!

I've just finished Jule Walters autobiography and really enjoyed it. It's quite an honest book but certainly not a "kiss and tell" in the sense that I don't think anyone would be hurt by it and they are more likely to be pleased to have been included. There is an odd "sweary" but I think in this instance it's totally in context.
I'd recommend it.


Good reads

Try "the Secret Life of Bees" by Sue Monk Kidd and "The Secret Scripture" by Sebastian Barry. 2 wonderful books for a holiday - or any day - read!!


Yes Liz!

I also really enjoyed the Julie Walters book. As you say, there is nothing sensational in it, and also, it lacks Victoria Wood who barely gets a mention but has been so orchestral in Julies career, but I suspect thats its because they are great pals and Victoria is very shy about personal stuff. Fair enough in my view.

I've recently very much enjoyed re-reading Margeret Thatchers "The Dwoning Street Years". Regardless of politics, becoming the first female Pm was a marvellous achievement, and she does talk about some of her mistakes and understand, now, in hindsight, why it was not correct. But you do get a def sense of how passionaly British she is and how much she cared and wanted to do the right thing (in her view!)

Have also recently re-read Hamlet, love it!




gosh James haven't read Hamlet since GCSE and we boo'd the actor cos the skull wasn't realistic !!! Evil little so and so s we were !!


Most kids are Tilly.....

...I think you just lack an understanding of how hurtful you can be at that age. I made my french teacher cry once! Was really pleased with myself, am ashamed of that now of course......

Hamlet is marvellous. Its funny how, when you have to read something at school you generally hate it, or I did at least. But its different when you choose it yourself.

I hated Wuthering Heights at school, love it now and re-read it two or three times a year. And still always get a bit more from it that I did before. I've knackered out so many copies in the past, I finally treated myself to quite a posh hardback version that I hope will last a bit better!!!


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