Delias recipe for sugar roses

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Delias recipe for sugar roses


Has anybody tried to make the flower paste for sugar roses as featured in her 'Book of Cakes'?

I have a wedding cake to make for my cousin next June, so I am using my Christmas cake this year as a 'practice cake' and plan to decorate it with homemade sugar roses.

The thing is, I have attempted her recipe with not much success. The paste (which is basically lard, lemon juice and water melted down and mixed with icing sugar to form a dough) just seems to crumble and fall apart when I roll it out. It also feels really oily to touch. Has anyone else had a problem with this paste or is it just me? I notice this recipe is not on this website. Maybe this is the reason?



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Have you tried adding Gum Tragacanth ? This makes the sugarpaste easy to model with, I have a recipe somewhere from Dunstable College , I will try and find it for you, Alternatively, (sorry can't post the actual link), google "Sugar paste recipe" and if you see a link containing "gingerbreadhouse" have a look on there they have a couple of recipes which may help you.
You can get the Gum Trag at any cake making suppliers shops.

Good Luck


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I always make my own flowerpaste and it doesnt contain lemon juice or lard. As the previous message says you do need gum to enable the paste to stretch, meaning it can be rolled paper thin. I use both gum tragacanth and cmc/tylo, a synthetic version of gum trag.

You also need egg white for easier workability and I always use white vegetable fat eg cookeen, never lard.

Let me know if you'd like the recipe.

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